Now, why does this seem so topical?

Courtesy of ABC News

Many of those who’ve exhibited lifelong antisocial, aka sociopathic, behavior — lying, impulsiveness, aggression, lacking concern for others — have abnormal brain structures, according to a new study.

MRI scans on the brains of 672 people with lifelong antisocial behavior showed a particular thinning of cortex and reduced cortical surface area in parts of the brain responsible for thinking, motivation and controlling emotions, according to research just published in The Lancet Psychiatry.

Those brain structures then were compared with people who only exhibited similarly antisocial behavior from ages 7 to 26. Similar changes weren’t found.

“Our study provides evidence of clear structural brain differences between individuals with life-course-persistent antisocial behavior (who are fewer in number, with poorer prognosis and more urgent treatment need) than those on the adolescence-limited (who are more numerous with a relatively good prognosis),” the authors wrote.

Children and adolescents exhibiting antisocial behaviors are at increased risks of incarceration or probability of poorer physical and mental health outcomes later in life.

Adults who exhibit lifelong anti-social behaviors are often diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder. 

Now if you are like me you immediatley thought of only one person the minute you read this:

Yep. That’s the one. 

This information does not really give us any new insight into how Trump thinks, because we are already well aware of that from his endless tweets and insane Nazi rallies, but it does reinforce the notion that Trump’s thinking is abnormal because his freaking brain is abnormal. 

From my perspective, having worked with folks who have abnormal brain development and bizarre thought processes, I find it epsecially concerning that somebody like that is in charge of people’s lives. 

People with antisocial personality disorder do not give a shit about other people. 

They can fake it, but it is completely insincere and sensitive people pick up on it almost immediately. 

That makes Trump incredibly dangerous, especially since he has surrounded himself with a bunch of cowards who are too afraid to deny him what he wants, even if it hurts or kills potentially millions of people.