The right-wing internet sleuths do it again.

Courtesy of The Daily Beast:  

Tweets with photos of Edelman’s face surrounded by circles and arrows in a picture taken from his time at the White House were racking up tens of thousands of retweets. The picture, taken as Obama White House staff reacted to Obama’s first speech after Hillary Clinton conceded the 2016 election, shows dismayed White House reacting to the election results. But as the picture circulated on social media this week, it was erroneously described as showing Obama staffers reacting to Trump’s first White House visit—and Edelman’s unhappy face was used as “proof” that the whistleblower was always biased against Trump.
“It had my face circled, and it said something to the effect of, ‘Here is your alleged Ukraine whistleblower,’” Edelman said.

But Edelman, who is now the head of MIT’s Project on Technology, Economy & National Security, can’t be the whistleblower. He left the White House in January 2017 as a special assistant to the president at the end of the Obama administration, meaning that he was more than two years removed from Trump’s July phone call with Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky. He wasn’t there to hear internal concern over that call, or to have the Intelligence Community’s inspector general subsequently corroborate his account, because, again, he is not the whistleblower.

Nevertheless, in their quest to out the anonymous whistleblower, pro-Trump media personalities and their armies of Twitter fans have wrongly accused Edelman. A zoomed-in picture of his face was added to a widely-circulated video purporting to show the whistleblower’s name, which went viral on MAGA Twitter.

Edelman didn’t go into detail on the threats he received, but said they were concerning for his family.

“Yes, there were lots of people saying mean and threatening things,” Edelman said. “Yes, it is the internet.”

Somebody tried to post Edelman’s name here in the comments sections as well but I blocked it, because I am all responsible like that. 

At this time I am not sure if anybody in the media has the correct name or not, but hopefully they have the integrity to keep it to themselves. 

Besides, and let me point ths out again, we have hours of testimony that supports everything that was in that initial whistleblower report so their name simply does not matter anymore. 

The Trump folks only want to out them so that they can terrorize them and hopefully intimidate others from coming forward.

And that is just fucked up.