Anybody feel safer?

Courtesy of NYT:

Iran announced plans on Wednesday to reactivate its most sensitive nuclear production site, a deep, underground uranium enrichment center, in a step that dismantles more of the last major restrictions on the country under the 2015 nuclear deal.

The facility, known as Fordow, buried under a mountain to protect against bunker-busting weapons, lay hidden from inspectors for years. The revelation of its existence a decade ago touched off a crisis with the West that led to threats from Israel to destroy the facility.

The atmosphere created by the revelation led, six years later, to the Obama administration’s nuclear deal with Iran. Under that deal, in exchange for the lifting of Western economic sanctions, Iran agreed that no fissile material — the makings of bomb fuel — would be put in the centrifuges spinning at the site.

In a speech on Tuesday, however, Iran’s president, Hassan Rouhani, said that his patience had run out, and that Iran would begin to inject uranium gas into the more than 1,000 centrifuges that remained inside the mountain. But he made it clear that this step was part of a pressure campaign to force Europe to make good on its promises to compensate Iran for the cost of harsh sanctions that the United States imposed on Iran after President Trump abandoned the 2015 deal.

Mr. Rouhani said Iran was reactivating Fordow, which is adjacent to an Iranian military base, precisely because it was considered such a hard military target. Its renewal as a nuclear production site, he suggested, could be easily reversed — part of the carefully calibrated strategy Iran is pursuing to pressure the United States and its allies just as the American-led sanctions on Iran’s oil shipments are intended to pressure Tehran.

Even at this point, Iran is signaling that they want to go back to the previous nuclear agreement, all of this is clearly just an attempt to pressure America and its allies into helping them do so without suffering devastating sanctions.  

Keep in mind that Trump claimed the original deal was flawed and that he was planning to make a better one, but talks have totally broken down and there are no new deals on the horizon. 

Just like with North Korea Trump clumsily sabotages the work of his predecessors while offering nothing new to make the world a safer place moving forward.