Of course, some of us never stopped hunkering down. 

Courtesy of ADN:

Anchorage Acting Mayor Austin Quinn-Davidson on Wednesday ordered the city to return to a modified “hunker-down” state through December, imposing the most widespread economic closure the city has seen since former Mayor Ethan Berkowitz’s initial shelter-in-place order was issued in March.

Starting at 8 a.m. Tuesday and extending until Jan. 1, bars and restaurants will end in-house services and be restricted to takeout, delivery and outdoor dining only. Retail and other public-facing businesses, including gyms and salons, will be limited to 25% of their capacity, and retail businesses must be able to keep people from different household groups at least 6 feet apart. Personal-care businesses can no longer provide services like beard trimmings or facials that require a person to temporarily remove a mask.

Theaters, bingo halls and other indoor entertainment facilities will remain closed.

Quinn-Davidson said in a community briefing that since she took over as acting mayor in October, the Anchorage Health Department has warned that a hunker-down order could be needed to lower transmission rates. She said she has done everything she could to slow the virus while keeping businesses open, but the situation has gotten dire.

“Case counts have continued to break records, and our public health team lost its ability to keep up,” Quinn-Davidson said.

Quinn-Davidson was backed by public health experts supporting the new order.

I completely support Quinn-Davis in making this decision, I just wish our governor had the balls to make it statewide. 

Our new cases are spiking at a truly terrifying level and we are very close to breaking 1,000 new cases a day. 

Let me remind you that we only have a little over 700,000 people in the entire state, so a thousand cases a day is quite significant. 

Yes most of them are popping up in Anchorage, but they are not all popping up in Anchorage, and of course, we are being infected by others from all around the state, and even from outside of the state. 

I really have doubts that a month-long hunker down policy will be enough, but at least it is something.