This is after only one week of classes.

Courtesy of NYT:

Altogether, nearly 1,200 students and staff members in the district have already been ordered to quarantine. On Tuesday, one high school closed its doors until at least Aug. 31. A second high school followed on Wednesday.

While many of the nation’s largest school systems have opted in recent weeks to start the academic year online, other districts have forged ahead with reopening. In Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi, Indiana and elsewhere, some schools, mainly in suburban and rural areas, have been open for almost two weeks.

Their experience reveals the perils of returning to classrooms in places where the coronavirus has hardly been tamed. Students and teachers have immediately tested positive, sending others into two-week quarantines and creating whiplash for schools that were eager to open, only to have to consider closing again right away.

All of this has only further divided communities where parents and teachers have passionately disagreed over the safety of reopening.

Depending on whom you ask, the string of positive tests and isolation orders in Cherokee County either proved the district’s folly for opening schools during the worst American public health crisis in decades, or demonstrated a courageous effort to return to normal.

“This is exactly what we expected to happen,” said Allison Webb, 44, who quit her job as a Spanish and French teacher in the district because of her concerns about reopening schools, and who put her daughter, a senior, in the district’s remote-learning program. “It’s not safe” to return to the classrooms now, Ms. Webb said.

This is not rocket science folks.

If you send a bunch of people who have been socially distancing for several months back into an atmosphere where they cannot help but breathe in each other’s germs this virus is going to overwhelm the community in a matter of weeks. 

We do not know nearly enough about this virus, but what we do know is that it is highly aggressive and that social distancing and mask-wearing seems to temporarily reduce transmission. 

Those are the only arrows in our quiver right now, and if we do not use them we are simply sacrificing ourselves, and our children to our own stupidity.