Well this was a little unexpected. 

Courtesy of NYT:

Speaking before a room of wealthy liberal donors, Mr. Obama urged Democrats to remember the long, combative slog of his primary campaign against Hillary Clinton in 2008, arguing that the 16 month battle ultimately made him a stronger general election candidate.

“For those who get stressed about robust primaries, I just have to remind you I had a very robust primary,” he told the group of several hundred donors and organizational leaders in Washington. “I’m confident that at the end of the process we will have a candidate that has been tested.”

Yet, he also raised concerns about some of the liberal ideas being promoted by some candidates, citing health care and immigration as issues where the proposals may have gone further than public opinion.

While Mr. Obama did not single out any specific primary candidate or policy proposal, he cautioned that the universe of voters that could support a Democratic candidate — Democrats, independents and moderate Republicans — are not driven by the same views reflected on “certain left-leaning Twitter feeds” or “the activist wing of our party.”

“Even as we push the envelope and we are bold in our vision we also have to be rooted in reality,” Mr. Obama said. “The average American doesn’t think we have to completely tear down the system and remake it.”

The comments marked an extraordinary entrance into the primary contest by the former president, who has been careful to avoid even the appearance of influencing the direction of the race.

I have to say that I am a little surprised that former President Obama, who is very politically savvy, would weigh in at all on the 2020 field of candidates in these early stages. 

I would remind folks that Obama’s 2008 agenda was also considered very progressive. I mean the Affordable Care Act was no small undertaking. 

So for him to suggest that any of these candidates are TOO progressive or left-leaning feels a little disingenuous. 

And he could actually be motivated by fear that a newly elected progressive Democratic president might undo all of his hard work on the ACA, it could be as simple as that. 

Having said that however I still retain mad love for our former president and will take his advice to heart. 

Of course I am still leaning toward Elizabeth Warren, but I heard what he had to say.