I don’t want to do a single thing to promote a book by Bill O’Reilly who I despise.

However I think this excerpt from the book that was shared over at the Washington Examiner is pretty telling. 

Here it is:

Asked how the two-year investigation “changed” his view of the country, Trump’s quotes don’t read like they’re coming from the lively person he is on TV. They read like they’re coming from someone weary or maybe even a little depressed.

He said the investigation “changed my life” and made him “more circumspect.”

“I’ve learned a lot,” he said. “I think this Mueller investigation will go down as one of my great achievements. Because the corruption would have never been uncovered. All these powerful people trying to subvert an election, people wouldn’t have known about it.”

By “these powerful people,” Trump is talking mostly about the collective national news media.

“I don’t know why they hate me,” he says. “I guess it’s because I’m an outsider. I did something no one else had ever done. It’s about power.”

O’Reilly asks Trump why he believes the media — “these powerful people” — are so “devious.”

“I think about it all the time,” he replies. But, he says, “In one way it’s positive. It shows that I can take it.”

Trump also said something he has said several times before, that the media will financially suffer when he’s gone. But he said in it in a different way in his interview with O’Reilly.

“You know, the media doesn’t care if they hurt families,” he said. But when I leave office, I’ll have my revenge. … Without Trump, what have they got?”

Now this could be written off as simply an empty threat by an egotist who truly belives that without him the media will have nothing to cover and will ultimately fail. 

However I remember that Trump talked about starting his own cable news station back when he did not really believe he was going to win the presidency, and think that is a more likely scenario for when Trump leaves office. 

Trump is addicted to being the center of attention and he will be a hot commodity once he loses in 2020, with multiple opportunities to give interviews.

But I think he wants more control over the narrative than that and will likely lend his name and image to some fledgling news outlet and make them his primary propaganda outlet.

Trump has already demonstrated disdain for Fox News and so I imagine he will attempt to steal the folks he likes like Sean Hannity, Lou Dobbs, and Steve Doocy and bring them over to his network. 

I actually think this was his plan all along and that the presidency, which he never thought he would win,  just got in the way. 

You watch and see if I’m not right.