Once again I am surprised that the number is even this high.

Courtesy of HuffPo:

Just 19 percent of Americans say they believe that President Donald Trump personally opposes white nationalism, a new HuffPost/YouGov survey found. Thirty-nine percent said he supports white nationalism, while 20 percent said he doesn’t have a strong opinion on the movement either way. The rest said they weren’t sure.

The poll was taken after last week’s mass shootings at two New Zealand mosques. The alleged gunman, an Australian white supremacist, mentioned the president by name as part of a rambling manifesto. Trump denounced the shooting as a “horrible act” but did not directly express condolences to the Muslim community in New Zealand or in the U.S. Trump also said he did not see a rise in white nationalism around the world.

Just over half of Americans said white nationalism is a danger to the U.S.: 52 percent of the public said it poses at least a somewhat serious threat to the country, with 30 percent calling it very serious. Black Americans were twice as likely as white Americans to say white nationalism is a very serious threat. But that racial difference pales in comparison with the political divide. Voters who backed Hillary Clinton in 2016 were 13 times as likely as Trump voters to say the threat is very serious. Most Trump voters said the threat is not very serious or nonexistent.

Well, of course, white nationalists would minimize the threat of white nationalism. 

I have a hard time believing that ANYBODY fails to recognize that Donald Trump is the very embodiment of white nationalist jingoism.