Courtesy of Yahoo News:

US President Donald Trump said Saturday he was encouraging health officials in his administration to slow down coronavirus testing, arguing that increased tests lead to more cases being discovered.

“Here is the bad part: When you do testing to that extent, you are going to find more people, you will find more cases,” Trump argued.

“So I said to my people ‘slow the testing down.’ They test and they test.”

When I heard this last night I was shocked that Trump would say it out loud, even though most of us think he has been doing this for some time. 

It is a huge and startling admission and one that will haunt Trump all the way to November, and likely beyond. 

Of course, the White House is trying to convince the media that Trump was only joking, but it certainly does not sound like a joke, and if it were it would be an incredibly insensitive joke considering how many people have died from this virus. 

Well, I certainly hope that we have plenty of tests available because we are going to need them to track the spread of the disease through the 6,000 plus people who showed up to his rally last night, as well as their families, and friends.