Sixteen years. 

The Immoral Minority has been in existence for 16 years. 

I started the website over at Blogspot on November 28th, 2004. 

At that time I was reeling from the fact that George W. Bush had won reelection despite having lied our country into an illegal war and having destroyed the career of a CIA agent whose husband had tried to stop it. 

I just needed somewhere to put all of my feelings and to share information that I thought was important for more people to see. 

In 2004 there was no Sarah Palin changing the political landscape and there was no Donald Trump threatening our very democracy, but those things were coming and I did my very best to address them when they arrived.

Ultimately we formed a kind of family and helped to keep each other sane during truly insane periods in this country’s history. 

Together we weathered a financial meltdown, celebrated a truly historic presidency, and held each other’s hands when a lunatic took the oath of office four years later. 

All in all, I had just the best time. 

When all of my fellow Alaska bloggers packed up and left me on my own, I continued chasing the stories that seemingly nobody else wanted to tell. 

In the end, I achieved most of my goals, even if the world had long ago stopped caring.

I am not going to lie, this Trump presidency has tested my stamina, my dedication to the truth, and my very sanity at times.

And now that we are on the other side it seems like the perfect time to call it a day. 

I actually wanted to end the website a year ago so that it would be a perfect fifteen-year run, but I simply could not abandon my post with Trump still in power, and I really needed to see this through to the end. 

I will still check in to okay your comments for a few more days, but then I hope to put all of this in my rearview mirror and instead focus on all of the opportunities that lay ahead. 

I know that some of you will be disappointed, and even angry, but ask yourself how you would feel after sixteen years of six to seven hours of criminally underpaid labor a day. ( I do make some money from Google ads but honestly, that really does not amount to much.) 

Clearly, I was not in this for the money.

I was in it to make a difference, and hopefully, I have. 

If even for just a little while. 

Thank you for your patronage my friends, and as we used to say in the olden days, “Namaste.”