Good luck with enforcing that.

Courtesy of NYT:

Students in the capital of Illinois are not allowed to wear hats, bandannas, sunglasses, pajama pants or slippers in school buildings. And that dress code now extends to their bedrooms and kitchen tables.

“We don’t need students in pajamas and all those other things while on their Zoom conferences,” Jason Wind, the district’s director of student support, explained during an online board meeting of Springfield Public Schools this week.

Along with the clothing requirements, the district’s remote learning guidelines mandate that students be “sitting up out of bed, preferably at a desk or table.”

A district spokeswoman, Bree Hankins, said in a statement that the remote learning guidelines were developed collaboratively with teachers, administrators and parents, and that the dress code reflected what the students would be wearing when in school.

The district, which has about 14,000 students, does not expect to be punitive during remote learning, Ms. Hankins said.

“Our hope is that students approach remote learning as they would in a classroom setting, to the extent possible given each student’s individual circumstances,” Ms. Hankins said. “However, we understand the interpretation of the dress code in a remote learning environment will differ from a normal school setting.”

I think this is one of the dumbest things I have heard since this pandemic began that was not uttered by Trump. 

I mean I could support a policy that said students should be fully dressed and not wearing t-shirts with offensive messages on them during Zoom classes, but beyond that who cares?

 It is going to be very hard to get these students to participate in the first place, why make it even more restrictive? 

And what exactly would be the punishment for non-compliance?

Do they get suspended? From what?

Look I wear pajama bottoms almost 90% of the time unless I have to leave the house and have them on for every one of my Zoom conferences. 

For one thing, nobody even knows what I have on my bottom half because I am always sitting down, and second, I think just about everybody else in the conference call is dressed in a similar fashion and we still manage to get work done. 

This just seems like an unnecessary flex on the part of the Illinois school district and they need to drop it before kids start calling their bluff.