Courtesy of CBS Chicago:

Serious concerns have been raised over Illinois police officers with ties to right wing extremist groups.

The Chicago Police Department and COPA are investigating a Chicago officer spotted wearing an extremist face mask while working a protest last weekend.

About 90 miles southwest of Chicago sitting on 12 square miles with a population around 10,000 is Lasalle.

Local radio station 103.9 WLPO recently took some time to talk about a photo. The men in the picture identify themselves online as Lasalle police officers Matthew Kunkel and Mark Manicki. Both officers say they attended the re-open Illinois rally in Springfield.

They were apparently off at duty at the time, wearing vests with the letter Q, which stands for QAnon. The Anti-Defamation League’s David Goldenberg describes QAnon as a far right extremist conspiracy theory.

“Driven largely by right wing extremists and also some common supporters of President Trump,” said Goldenberg.

They have a wide ranging set of beliefs.

“Based largely on the idea the government is run by a cobble of pedophiles who ultimately President Trump will overcome or take out,” he said.

Manicki’s social media is filled with conspiracy theories on everything from George Floyd’s death to the coronavirus.

Now of course police officers are just people, who can have any set of beliefs they want so long as it does not interfere in their jobs.

However, it is kind of hard to imagine a person who believes that all Democrats are child devouring monsters who want to overthrow their president to be a rational individual who respects the rule of law. 

I mean there are batshit crazy belief systems and then there is QAnon.