This also should be adopted nationwide. 

Courtesy of CNN:

Anyone who assaults an employee enforcing the use of masks can now be prosecuted as aggravated battery in Illinois.

Gov. J.B. Pritzker passed a law last week that adds a penalty for assaulting a worker who’s “conveying public health guidance” — that is, telling patrons of a business to wear a mask or maintain social distancing. In Illinois, aggravated battery is usually a felony.
The law went into effect immediately.

“This provision sends the message that it’s vitally important for workers to be both respected and protected while serving on the front lines,” the governor’s office said in a statement on the new law.

Several states have seen disputes over mask use turn violent. In New Jersey earlier this month, a woman assaulted another customer at a Staples store who had asked her to wear her mask over her nose and mouth. Also this month, police said a Pennsylvania man shot at a cigar shop employee who’d asked him to wear a mask.

And in May, security footage showed that a man shopping at a Los Angeles Target broke the arm of a Target employee in an argument over masks.

Illinois has recorded a few incidents of worker assault, too, since Pritzker required anyone leaving the house to wear a mask back in May.

I swear that some of the reactions I have seen from these anti-mask folks are shocking in their viciousness and it makes you wonder just how many crazy people are walking among us. 

I mean I absolutely hate wearing my mask as it invariably fogs up my glasses and makes it virtually impossible to see inside the store.

However I never once believed that my inconvenience was reason enough to put my life or the lives of others at risk.  

Right now the most patriotic thing we can do as Americans is to wear our masks and respect social distancing and that is a fact.