Courtesy of Business Insider:

Defenders of the president at Fox News have hit on a new way of covering the damaging evidence presented by Democrats in the opening of the impeachment trial — by cutting out the audio.

The network has made the decision not to broadcast live footage of the historic impeachment proceedings during the evening, instead broadcasting its regular schedule of hosts discussing the day’s events with guests.

Aaron Rupar, who covers politics at Vox, noted that in its prime-time early evening show — The Five — the segments on the day’s impeachment proceedings had no audio of Democrats laying out their case against the president. Instead, allies of the president present their defense of Trump while the footage silently plays.

In his 8 p.m Wednesday slot Tucker Carlson, who according to reports has served as an informal adviser to the president,described proceedings as like “a movie written and directed by children whose ending you already know, and by the way, it’s 20 hours long and Hungarian with misspelled subtitles,” Carlson said. “That’s what it’s like.”

In that night’s edition of his show Sean Hannity, one of the president’s staunchest allies at the network, launched into a string of attacks against the Democrats, and went a step further – talking over live footage of testimony by lead impeachment manager Adam Schiff to assure viewers that there was no point in watching.

I had heard that this was happening and thought that it was likely an exaggeration because if true it would demonstrate complete censorship of the facts, and remove any doubt whatsoever that Fox News was a propaganda outlet with absolutely no journalistic integrity.

Well I checked it out, and guess what? 

What I saw were commentators speaking over silent video of the impeachment managers laying out their extremely compelling case for the impeachment of Donald Trump.

What is more the commentary was completely disrespectful and dismissive of the evidence.

That was, of course, the case for the three days that the House Democrats were making their case for impeachment.

If you tuned in today you saw an entirely different reporting style.

Today Fox News gladly kept the audio on as Trump’s legal team laid out their defense. 

 So I know what you are thinking. Did MSNBC and CNN also broadcast the entire proceeding today like they did the last three days of the Democrats’ testimony?

And the answer is yes, yes they did. 

They did that because THEY are actual cable news outlets with real journalists in thier employ.