Courtesy of The Hill:

President Trump on Tuesday denied that he made an emergency visit to the hospital last year after suffering “a series of mini-strokes” after a new book claimed that Vice President Pence was on standby in the event Trump was incapacitated.

The president’s denial raised eyebrows, as the book from New York Times correspondent Michael Schmidt did not specifically state that Trump had suffered from a series of small strokes.

“It never ends! Now they are trying to say that your favorite President, me, went to Walter Reed Medical Center, having suffered a series of mini-strokes. Never happened to THIS candidate — FAKE NEWS,” Trump tweeted, before insinuating that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden may have dealt with health issues.

Schmidt reported in his new book that Pence was told to be on standby to assume presidential powers last November in the event the president had to be anesthetized during a previously unscheduled visit to Walter Reed Medical Center.

The White House said at the time that Trump had undergone portions of his annual physical exam in November when he had free time, but offered few other details. A White House doctor later issued a letter seeking to dispel speculation that Trump may have had a medical episode.

The physician to the White House later on Tuesday issued a statement addressing the issue. The physician, Sean Conley, said Trump had asked that he do so.

“President Donald J Trump has asked that I, Dr. Sean Conley, Physician to the President, address the recent public comments regarding his health. I can confirm that President Trump has not experienced nor been evaluated for a cerebrovascular accident (stroke), transient ischemic attack (mini stroke), or any acute cardiovascular emergencies, as have been incorrectly reported in the media.

“The President remains healthy and I have no concerns about his ability to maintain the rigorous schedule ahead of him. As stated in my last report, I expect him to remain fit to execute the duties of the Presidency.”

This might actually be convincing if we all did not already know that Trump has his doctors and others lie for him constantly. 

I mean his last physician said that he was the healthiest president in history. 

It also hurts this doctor’s case that these tweets are around. 

Yeah, that right leg is definitely not cooperating. 

And then there was this like the next day.

I’m not a doctor, but something is certainly happening here.

I was kind of rooting for the Coronavirus to take him out, but this works too. 

P.S. Trump apparently saw this and shuffled over to Twitter to respond:

If you remember the rules of living in Trumpland you know that if he hurries to respond that means it is absolutely true.