And it is not just the snappy dressing either, Harris is all in for gayness.

Courtesy of Wonkette:

Harris has had a good week. After she ruined Joe Biden’s whole day in last week’s Democratic primary debate, she got a massive bump in the polls and is now in third place with Elizabeth Warren. She also raised a shitload of money.

And it’s worth noting that Harris’s presence at Pride shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who’s studied her record as a kAmAlA iS a CoP, because she’s been there for the LGBT community the whole time. She created a Hate Crimes Unit as San Francisco DA, she was a leader in the fight against Proposition 8, and oh yeah, there was this thing that happened with Prop 8 was overturned and she ordered same-marriage marriages to begin NOW DAMMIT NOW.

I am not on the gay email list so I don’t know for a fact that all of the LGBTQ folk are dying to cast their vote for Kamala, but I think that she has serious cred with the non-hetero crowd and that her only real challenge in locking up their vote might be Pete Buttigieg.

Though I have not seen him in a sparkly rainbow colored jacket yet so he might want to up his game.