As many of you, no doubt know I am a huge movie buff and have watched every single one of the movies in the MCU multiple times. 

Full disclosure I was also a comic book geek in the ’70s and ’80’s so my nerd credentials are solid. 

This movie also marks the first time that I have purchased tickets online. 

Living in Anchorage, Alaska and being a matinee moviegoer, I typically do not worry about having a theater sellout before I can show up in person and purchase a ticket.

However in this case when I checked online, TWO WEEKS AGO, I found that many of the seats were already gone.

So I panicked and reached for my credit card, making sure to get the seats I wanted at the time and in the theater of my choice. 

By the time today rolled around there were only a handful left and none that were right next to each other. (Well the first two rows were still available, but you cannot watch a 3D movie from that close, it will render you sterile.) 

Anyhow, I showed up today, bought my popcorn, and enjoyed one of the all-time great movies. 

It tied up a buttload of loose ends and had a ton of shocking surprises.

Some of the surprises are very upsetting. So much so that it made one Chinese woman cry so hard she had to be hospitalized. (Link)

If you like action this will meet your quota for the year. 

If you have not seen it, and you like movies, you should definitely clear your calendar and make this a priority. 

If you are one of those people who did not watch any of the Marvel movies and finds them childish and a waste of time…well I don’t see how we can remain friends. 

P.S. If you have seen the movie and want to discuss that please be aware that I consider people who post movie spoilers to be in the same category as kitten abusers, Fortnight game players, and Nazis, so your comment will not be published.