Courtesy of The Independent:

Hundreds of Donald Trump supporters hopped in their cars and congregated on New Jersey’s Garden State Parkway on Sunday, shutting down lanes to show they back the president.

“We shut it down, baby! We shut it down!” a man shooting video of the scene can be heard saying in a clip posted to Twitter.

The 16-second video pans over three express lanes near Cheesequake, New Jersey, in the middle of the state, that are at a complete standstill as cars and trucks with Trump 2020 flags beep their horns and people mill around.

Over the past several weeks, Trump supporters have criss-crossed US highways in convoys of often thousands of cars to promote the Republican president, who faces Democratic nominee Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election in just two days time.

A similar “Trump Train” of so-called “MAGA trucks” paraded down the highway in Charleston, South Carolina, last weekend.

People have shut down bridges before, but typically they are protesting something in particular like police brutality, racism, or to protect women’s rights. 

What are these idiots protesting?

Free and fair elections? 

By the way, if this is what is already happening prepare yourself for the shitstorm that is sure to follow once Trump is defeated.