I’m surprised they were not joined by anti-motorcycle helmet protesters demanding the right to suffer brain damage. 

Courtesy of WaPo:

Anti-vaccine activists packed a public hearing Friday to oppose a bill that would make it harder for families to opt out of vaccination requirements for measles, mumps and rubella amid the state’s worst measles outbreak in more than two decades.

An estimated 700 people, most of them opposed to stricter requirements, lined up before dawn in the cold, toting strollers and hand-lettered signs, to sit in the hearing, which was so crowded that staff opened up additional rooms to accommodate the crowd. Many gathered outside afterward for a rally.

Anti-vaccine activists, including Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a prominent vaccine conspiracy theorist, claimed that health officials are covering up vaccine dangers. Some said their children had been injured or sickened by immunizations. One falsely said the majority of people diagnosed with measles have been vaccinated.

When the Washington state health secretary, John Wiesman, debunked those claims, some members of the audience murmured in disapproval.

“I want to remind you that the MMR vaccine is extremely safe and highly effective,” Wiesman told lawmakers. He said that “all reputable scientific studies have found no relation between measles and autism,” and outlined the potential harms of the highly contagious respiratory virus, which can be fatal in small children.

Wiesman urged lawmakers to pass the bill to eliminate personal or philosophical exemptions, noting the current outbreak, which has sickened at least 56 people in Washington and Oregon, is more alarming than the state’s three previous ones.

I consider these people to be the progressive side’s version of the MAGA crowd. 

They are not all liberals, but enough of them are that we should all be embarrassed. 

What they definitely are is too stupid to recognize that the vaccinations save thousands of lives and that the minor side effects are well worth the risk.

And no, there is no evidence that the vaccinations are directly linked to autism. 

The major reason that there has been a significant uptick in the number of autism cases is that there has been a sharpening of the diagnostic tools and a recognition that some traits which had once been labeled developmentally delayed or even retarded, are in fact part of the spectrum.  

Essentially protesting against vaccinations is like protesting against the use of seatbelts because during potentially fatal car accidents the restraints can cause bruising. 

Besides, you have to know you’re an idiot when even Bristol Palin mocks you. (Link.)