And he is probably right.

Courtesy of Axios

House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy is privately encouraging voting by mail and warned President Trump the party could be “screwed” by his fight against mail-in voting.

The big picture: “We could lose based on that,” McCarthy (R-Calif.) told me at a diner in Salt Lake City last week, during a campaign swing that began in the Pacific Northwest. McCarthy said the party can’t afford for Republicans to sit home, afraid of getting COVID-19, while Democrats flood the field with mail-in ballots.

McCarthy is particularly worried about deterring senior citizens.

McCarthy said he’s spent hours telling Trump that this preoccupation will hurt the president’s own re-election, as well as Republicans running for Congress.

“I tried to show him … you know who is most afraid of COVID? Seniors. And if they’re not going to go vote, period, we’re screwed,” McCarthy told me.

Yeah, I think that Kevin McCarthy, who I never agree with, has a point here. 

And if these old Trump supporters do go to the polls, they will likely refuse to wear masks which means they might end up dead before the next election and that will ultimately hurt the Republicans as well. 

Trump might quite literally be the end of the GOP.