So wait, Republicans are now fighting to protect Obamacare?

Courtesy of Axios

Reflecting widespread concerns within his party, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has told President Trump he disagrees with the Trump administration’s attempt to get the entire Affordable Care Act thrown out in court.

McCarthy told Trump over the phone that the decision made no sense — especially after Democrats killed Republicans in the midterms in part over the issue of pre-existing conditions, according to two sources familiar with their recent conversation. As Bloomberg’s Sahil Kapur points out — health care was the top issue for 2018 midterm voters, and voters who cared most about health care favored Democrats over Republicans by more than 50 percentage points.

The Justice Department changed its position Monday night in a lawsuit filed by Republican attorneys general.

If DOJ gets its way, the ACA’s insurance exchanges and Medicaid expansion would vanish, stripping health care coverage from more than 20 million people. And the loss of unrelated ACA provisions would reverberate throughout the health care system.

McCarthy is far from alone in his view. Republican lawmakers and officials are exasperated about the Justice Department’s position and about Trump’s substance-free declaration that Republicans will become “The Party of Healthcare.”

Republicans are shitting bricks as Trump craps all over his recent “victory” concerning the Mueller report by going after the ACA which is now almost as popular as Medicare. 

It’s like Trump just wants to hurry up and finish destroying Obama’s legacy before the actual report gets released and people finally learn the truth. 

Hey as one of those Democrats that Trump keeps vilifying, let me just say that I fully support Trump tripping over his mushroom shaped dick and helping our side win a huge victory in 2020.