Uh oh, somebody could be in some serious trouble.

Courtesy of CNN:

The House Judiciary Committee is examining the truthfulness of former White House communications director and Trump confidante Hope Hicks’ statements in the aftermath of new documents released on Thursday, asking her to clarify her testimony to the committee last month.

The FBI documents released earlier Thursday revealing that one day after the tape came out, former Trump attorney Michael Cohen spoke on the phone with then-campaign spokeswoman Hicks and candidate Donald Trump. Those conversations were apparently about adult film actress Stormy Daniels, also known as Stephanie Clifford, according to the documents.

House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler wrote to Hicks asking if she wanted to voluntarily clarify her testimony, saying the new evidence “raises substantial questions about the accuracy” of several statements she made.

In her appearance last month before the Judiciary Committee, Hicks said “no” when asked multiple times by Democratic Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee whether Hicks was ever present when Trump and Cohen discussed Daniels, according to a transcript released of the closed-door interview.

She also said she had no information about Daniels other than what she learned from reporters.

“Again, I had no knowledge of Stormy Daniels other than to say she was going to be mentioned in the story amongst people that were shopping stories around,” Hicks testified. “There were no specifics offered by the reporter, and I didn’t have any other information other than what was being relayed to me by the reporter.”

That, of course, turned out to be bullshit as revealed by the newly released documents.

Courtesy of Courthouse News Service:

The 895-page trove shows that Cohen exchanged a “series of calls, text messages and emails” with Trump; his then-press secretary Hope Hicks; the National Enquirer’s publisher David Pecker and editor Dylan Howard; and Stormy Daniels’ lawyer Keith Davidson.

Hicks hadn’t contacted Cohen for “at least multiple weeks,” according to the warrants. After the video’s release on Oct. 7, 2016, however, phone records showed them in constant communication.

Currently, Chairman Jerry Nadler is only asking Hope Hicks to come back to clarify her remarks. 

If she fails to do that I imagine he will then subpoena her.

The White House will likely instruct her to ignore that subpoena as they do to everybody else who receives one from Congress, but since she already testified once, and there is a discrepency between what she said and the facts, I think the courts will rule that she needs to make an appearance.