So this essentially refutes the claim made by Trump and his supporters that the Democrats are against border security.

They are just against wasting money on useless walls. 

Courtesy CNN:

House Democrats are pushing forward with legislation to beef up security at the borders without funding for the wall demanded by President Donald Trump, a move bound to intensify the standoff over a partial government shutdown heading into its fifth week.

As part of a package of six spending bills, House Democrats next week will vote on $1 billion for additional border security measures, according to a Democratic source.

The $1 billion would not include money for the border wall, as Democrats are trying to make the case there are other border security measures that are more effective.

The money includes port security measures as well funding for immigration judges who could help with cases of migrants crossing the US-Mexico border seeking asylum, the source told CNN.

The money is roughly split between port security and funding for additional judges.

Of course, this will do little to solve the shutdown, because Trump is like a toddler obsessed with his binky. 

No matter what else you give him it is still not the thing that he needs to stop throwing a fit. 

Right around the time that this post publishes Trump is supposed to make an announcement about the border.

I wonder if it will be as big of a waste of time as his last speech to the nation?