This will break your heart.

Courtesy of The Daily Mail

A teenage immigrant girl from Honduras, who spent four years separated from her father, has been finally reunited with him, but it’s all too late.

Heydi Gámez García, 13, will be disconnected from life support at a local New York hospital Thursday evening by her father Manuel Gámez, who on Saturday arrived on a plane after immigration officials granted him a special two-week parole to say goodbye to his daughter.

“I am very sad, really depressed,’ the distraught Honduran dad told DailyMail over the phone on Thursday afternoon.

‘The hardest moments are coming.’

The young girl had been battling bouts of depression amidst President Donald Trump’s anti-immigration policies that kept her away from her dad, who in June had been arrested after trying to reenter the United States after he was deported in 2016.

On July 3 just after midnight, Heydi was found hanging from her bedroom closet with a phone-charging cable tied around her neck by her aunt who decided to cheer her up with a snack and a refreshment.

She was transported to the hospital and sadly declared brain-dead a week later.

Family lawyer Anibal Romero blamed the Trump administrations asylum stance as one of the main reasons why Heydi tried to end her life.

‘Words matter, tweets matter,’ Romero told DailyMail on Thursday.

‘When the president threatens to deport millions of people, it really causes anxiety, causes fear, especially in children who are afraid of losing their parents. Politicians should be very careful with the words that are used. It doesn’t matter that it’s on social networks. … Today it’s Heydi, tomorrow it will be someone else.’

Manuel Gámez tried multiple times to cross the border and be reunited with his daughter only to be arrested and sent back time and time again. 

Now that she is dying he has finally been granted the right to see her. 

There are so many incredibly sad stories associated with Trump’s heartless immigration policies, but this might be the most heartbreaking of all.