Man, this guy got ripped off SO hard!

Courtesy of The Independent

Hobby Lobby’s president Steve Green has said he is repatriating 11,500 antiquities to the Iraqi and Egyptian governments after amassing the pieces without verifying their ownership histories.

According to a report by The Washington Post. the millionaire said he was conceding to criticism of his accumulation of artifacts, and that he was coordinating the return of around 5,000 ancient papyrus fragments and 6,500 ancient clay objects which don’t have legitimate historical sourcing.

Artifacts which don’t have confirmed provenance and paperwork are troubling because this means they could have been stolen.

“One area where I fell short was not appreciating the importance of the provenance of the items I purchased,” Mr. Green told the Post.

Mr. Green said that when he started collecting biblical-era antiquities in 2009 he “knew little about the world of collecting”.

The benefactor said that resulting criticism for his Museum of the Bible, of which he is a founder and chairman of the board, was “justified”.

Every conman on the planet knows that if you are looking for a gullible mark you start with the religious folks because those morons will believe ANYTHING!

Let’s face it if you start each day believing in an invisible man in the sky who is sitting around waiting to hear what miracle you want him to perform through your prayers, you are likely to be taken advantage of several times during your week. 

Prayer cloths, baptismal oils, a splinter from the cross on which Jesus was crucified, threads from the Shroud of Turin, and fake Dead Sea Scrolls are all out their waiting for the religiously gullible to take the bait. 

And they do, they always do.