I’m sorry. He’s not back in office, I did not mean to get you all unnecessarily excited. 

No, our greatest president ever is back in a huge number of Democratic campaign advertisements showing on TVs all across the country. 

Courtesy of Politico

Six candidates — Joe Biden, Tom Steyer, Michael Bloomberg, Elizabeth Warren, Deval Patrick and Tulsi Gabbard — have included the former president in at least one of their TV and digital ads. This week alone saw five new Obama ads on airwaves in New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina.

While Obama has made a point of not endorsing anyone this year, his would-be successors are hoping to tap the reservoir of Democratic goodwill surrounding him in the hopes of getting an edge in the run-up to the Feb. 11 New Hampshire primary.

“It’s the perfect visual validation. Voters can recognize Barack Obama in a nano-second,” said Eric Jaye, a California-based Democratic political consultant. “Obama might as well be on Mt. Rushmore for Democrats. It’s so powerful and instantaneous.”

Most of the spots show footage of Obama lauding the candidates by name in his speeches or on the campaign trail. Others merely include pictures of him by their side. All drive the message that the candidates running the ads are, at least in some measure, approved by a former president who is beloved by the grassroots.

Now as you know I live in Alaska, and let’s face it nobody gives as shit about Alaska, so I have only seen Bloomberg’s Obama commercial because he can afford to waste money blanketing the country with ads. 

I remember when I saw it I thought “Well, that’s a good idea, the other candiates should do that as well.”

Now I know that they have, so see, I was right. 

The problem, of course, is that if EVERYBODY does it the effect is somewhat diminished. 

I don’t think it is necessarily a bad idea, but I just think that until Obama really comes out and endorses a candidate, that it will only go so far in providing that all-important grassroots credibility. 

Having said that I really do enjoy catching a glimpse of Obama on my TV. 

It just reminds me of a saner, more hopeful time.