This interview was ostensibly about the PBS Frontline program that identified Palin as being the one who cleared the path for Donald Trump and ushered in the post-truth political world we live in today. 

I don’t know what Palin was expecting but she was quick to get defensive and to double down on some of her lies. 

Courtesy of The Daily Star

Piers Morgan’s ITV co-host savagely called out Sarah for what have been claimed to be a series of lies the outspoken politician has made throughout her career.

Looking far from impressed, Sarah snapped back: “Keep going on Susanna, keep them going.

“I do know energy, drill baby drill.

“I was Chairman of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission… I know the facts.

Yeah, Palin would not recognize a fact if it hit her in the face. 

At one point Palin was asked about Trump’s inflammatory and often abusive tweets.

Courtesy of Indy 100:

Speaking from Alaska, Palin was asked for her opinions on Trump’s tweets, which are nearly always inflammatory and can often be abusive and racist.

He said:

“Should he dial it back a bit now that he’s president and try to be inclusive, or should he carry on?”

After defending Trump as some sort of mystical God who’s smashing the “status quo” in a characteristically ramble soliloquy, Palin said:

“What we do appreciate about Donald Trump is that he’s not a typical politician with his finger to the wind. No, he’s directing the wind.”

He’s directing the wind?

And there you go my friends, that is the person who helped triggered the near apocalypse that we are dealing with today.