I swear I could feel that poor boys anxiety all way up here in Alaska. 

This is just not Tripp’s cup of tea.

But fortunately, he doesn’t have to worry about it anymore.

Courtesy of People Magazine:

During Sunday’s premiere, Tripp Palin Johnston — along with partner Hailey Bills and mentor Jenna Johnson — and MasterChef Junior champ Addison Osta Smith — along with partner Lev Khmelev and mentor Keo Motsepe — were eliminated following a full night of epic performances.

“I wanted to do Dancing with the Stars: Juniors because my mom was on the show, and it looked like fun,” Palin Johnston, 9, told PEOPLE exclusively. “I was nervous when my mom showed me clips of young dancers. I have never danced before. I worked past the nerves by just remembering to have fun.”

And while his time on the competition show was short-lived, he walked away with another lesson learned.

“I learned that even if I’m not the best, that I can still try my hardest and have fun,” he added.

If you think that is an actual quote from Tripp Johnston I have a bridge to nowhere to sell you. 

Like a lot of kids, Tripp is mostly monosyllabic in his responses, especially when nervous. 

Besides the only reason he agreed to do the show was probably because his mom told him he could earn a butt load of money. 

But now he is off and he can return to his life of watching his mother go through men like tissue paper and being used as a marketing tool by his family.  

By the way, speaking of his mother I would say that though Tripp is clearly not a dancer, he was significantly better than his mom on her first day of competition. 

Remember the only reason she was able to stay on the show, despite sucking balls, was because there was still a lot of Palin-bots in the country who kept voting for her.

Oh, how the times have changed.