Headmaster of Christian private school in Florida arrested for sexually molesting male student.

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Way to go Florida. 

Courtesy of ABC News

The headmaster of a private Florida Christian school was arrested on suspicion of grooming and sexually molesting a student and investigators fear there are more victims.

Charles Aguon, 34, the headmaster of Kingdom Preparatory School in Auburndale, was arrested on Tuesday and was being held without bail at the Polk County Jail on two felony counts of lewd molestation of a victim between 12 and 16 years old, Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said at a news conference Wednesday.

Judd said the victim is a 15-year-old male student at the private school, where Aguon is also a teacher and football coach. He said Aguon is an ordained minister who goes by the nickname “Pastor Tiger.”

He said the victim was interviewed by investigators on Tuesday and told them that Aguon allegedly molested him multiple times since November. Judd said the molestation occurred off campus but investigators are trying to determine if any of the crimes occurred at the school.

“He was being groomed by Pastor Tiger,” Judd said. “And it went from just grooming to kissing, kissing on the mouth, biting lips, to simulated sex with their clothes on, to where he actually fondled and molested this 15-year-old.”

“Pastor Tiger?” And that did not give anybody pause? 

The school, of course, is horrified, I mean after all the man is a Christian!

And yet who constantly gets accused of targeting young children, the LGBTQ community, that’s who. 

Once again being a pedophile is not the same as being gay or a lesbian. 

Any person you see might be a danger to young children, including the headmaster of a super Christian private school.  

In fact, if you were a sexual predator what better hunting ground could you find? 

That is why people who work with children must undergo extensive background checks. 

My background check was so through that they not only know my favorite color but also what side of the bed I sleep on. 

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    OT Wellpath? “The contract is being awarded without a competitive bidding process or public review, under a state rule that allows contracting on an emergency basis.”
    “Wellpath was deemed necessary to further address safety and patient rights issues and bring the facility rapidly into complete compliance with federal and state standards.” “Wellpath is a Nashville, Tenn.-based company with roots in the private prison industry. The company describes itself as providing health care in “correctional facilities, state psychiatric hospitals, forensic treatment facilities and civil commitment centers.” It employs 14,000 people in 550 facilities in 37 states in the U.S. and Australia.
    Over the past year, the API has been the target of multiple investigations by federal regulators that found serious and widespread problems ranging from slow responses to sexual assaults to excessive use of restraints and seclusion rooms for patients.”


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