I hope they are prepared because he is definitely going to interfere. 

Courtesy of Reuters

Dozens of activist groups who claim to represent millions of Americans from both political parties plan to hit the streets next week, if President Donald Trump appears to be interfering with vote counting or manipulating poll results after Election Day.

The “Protect the Results” coalition of over 130 groups from Planned Parenthood to Republicans for the Rule of Law, has about 400 events protecttheresults.com planned to date. Participants are prepping to demonstrate “as early as the afternoon on Wednesday, November 4,” the day after Election Day, and await a SMS message.

“We can’t assume that Donald Trump will respect the peaceful transfer of power” said Sean Eldridge, the founder and president of Stand Up America, which started organizing the coalition in June.

If Trump tries to interfere in the counting of ballots, or pressures state or local officials to say ballots should no longer be counted “then we would mobilize,” he said.

Determining ahead of time, how, exactly, to define “interference” by the U.S. president is difficult, activists said, but it could include refusing to accept state vote tallies or prematurely declaring victory.

So we are going to have Trump protesters out on the streets after the election and likely before the final numbers are tallied, comingling with armed Trump supporters who are looking to kill them some Democrats. 

Does anybody smell a fuse being lit?