Goddamn right!

Courtesy of The Daily Beast

A group of some of the most revered and longest-active environmentalists issued a dire warning to the next generation of activists on Monday: Don’t vote for the Green Party this year. And don’t sit out the election either.

The warning, coming in the form of a letter signed by more than 170 top environmental leaders, is an explicit recognition that third-party voting—including from within their own community—has tipped presidential elections in the past. It’s also a plea to those who remain on the fence about Joe Biden, or who believe that they should cast a protest vote for someone else, that the stakes are simply too high.

“Angry right-wing voters and liberal absentees put Trump in the White House in 2016,” the letter reads. “In 2020 the same unholy team could keep him there. Progressives who vote for the Green Party candidate, or write in Henry David Thoreau, or refuse to vote at all for lack of an ideal choice will give Donald Trump precisely what he wants, and enough such pious gestures will produce catastrophic results.”

Now, most of you know that I have railed against third party candidates for years. 

My frustration goes all the way back to 2000 when Ralph Nader helped to muddy the waters enough to help George W. Bush steal the election from Al Gore. 

And in 2016 Jull Stein’s campaign certainly did not do the Clinton campaign any favors. 

Let me put it bluntly if you vote third party in this election you are a traitorous POS!

This time around you have no excuse for being that fucking stupid, you know what the stakes are, and you need to join the fight to save this nation.