Smooth move, moron.

Courtesy of The Independent:

Danish intelligence has placed Greenland at the top of its national security agenda for the first time following Donald Trump’s pursuit of the vast Arctic territory.

Greenlanders and politicians in Denmark reacted with horror earlier this year when it emerged the US president had suggested buying the island on numerous occasions with staff after hearing about its natural resources and geopolitical importance.

Denmark’s prime minister Mette Frederiksen later made clear the semi-autonomous territory was “not for sale”, leading to a diplomatic crisis when Mr. Trump cancelled a planned meeting with Ms. Frederiksen, branding her comments “nasty”.

The country’s Defence Intelligence Service (FE) linked the change in priority – Greenland is now ahead of terrorism and cybercrime – to America’s interest in the island, the BBC reported.

Lars Findsen, chief of FE, told the corporation Greenland is at the heart of a “power game” unfolding in the Arctic between the US and other major powers.

“We have decided to start this year’s Intelligence Risk Assessment with a chapter on the Arctic, as the interests of the great powers in the Arctic have direct impact on and growing significance for the Kingdom of Denmark,” he said.

“Despite the Arctic nations’ shared ambition to keep the region free of security policy disagreements, the military focus on the Arctic is growing. A power game is unfolding between great powers Russia, the United States and China that deepens tensions in the region.”

You know for centuries now we have had presidents who make our allies feel safe and protected.

But with Donald Trump in office we now have countries around the world hoping he will not mention them for fear he will put their citizens in danger or undermine their government. 

It’s like if the Black Plague took human form it would look and sound just like Donald Trump.