Wait, so in this scenario Joe Biden is Satan?

Joe Biden?

Courtesy of Right Wing Watch:

Thursday night’s episode of the “America Stands: Flashpoint” program airing on televangelist Kenneth Copeland’s Victory Channel network featured an interview with Glenn Beck in which Beck revealed that he had a frightening prophetic dream in which he was shown that the 2020 election is a spiritual battle against “Satan himself.”

Beck​, who owns the right-wing web-based network called The Blaze, claimed that he had a prophetic dream several years ago “that was so terrifying” that he refused to tell anyone about it. A while later, he had the same vision again when an unnamed religious leader called Beck out of the blue and asked to meet with him.

Beck said he got on a plane and went to see this person, who sat him down and told him, “Sometimes the Lord speaks to us in dreams. … And you know exactly what I’m talking about.”

After promising not to dismiss this prophetic dream he had supposedly received, Beck then returned home where he said he eventually realized its terrifying significance.

“All of a sudden it took on a completely new meaning,” Beck said. “I just warn you that we are in a spiritual battle against evil unleashed. We are not fighting the Democrats; we are fighting Satan himself.”

Why do these wingnuts have to such hyperbole to get themselves worked up to vote? 

It’s like they know they are on the wrong side of the issues so they change the terminology to make it about a battle between some mythological good versus evil.

That is ludicrous.

But if we are going there, how in the hell do they convince themselves that this is the devil….

and not this guy?

I mean, seriously?