He just stood there, like a deer in the headlights.

Courtesy of NYT:

Senator David Perdue of Georgia withdrew on Thursday from the final debate in his tight re-election race, a day after his Democratic challenger, Jon Ossoff, called him a “crook” and accused the vulnerable Republican of trying to profit from the coronavirus pandemic.

The rivals had been scheduled to face off on Sunday on the Atlanta television station WSB, the third debate in one of two pivotal Senate races in Georgia that could determine which party controls the chamber. The candidates had committed to the debate in September, according to Mr. Ossoff’s campaign.

The news first broke Thursday evening when Mr. Ossoff wrote on Twitter that Mr. Perdue had canceled on him.

“At last night’s debate, millions saw that Perdue had no answers when I called him out on his record of blatant corruption, widespread disease, and economic devastation,” Mr. Ossoff wrote. “Shame on you, Senator.”

A spokesman for Mr. Perdue confirmed that he would not be at the debate and said in a statement that the senator had better uses of his time.

“As lovely as another debate listening to Jon Ossoff lie to the people of Georgia sounds, Senator Perdue will not be participating in the WSB-TV debate but will instead join the 45th president, Donald J. Trump, for a huge get-out-the-vote rally in Northwest Georgia,” the spokesman, John Burke, said.

So rather than debate the issues with his opponent in front of the Georgia voters, this idiot will instead risk being exposed to the Coronavirus while Donald Trump tries to drum up votes among a crowd of people who were already voting for him. 

Makes sense. 

Maybe this Ossoff guy could just hold the debate without Perdue’s participation. 

I mean he did not look as if he had much to say anyway.