This is ridiculous.

Courtesy of The Independent

Georgia’s secretary of state has reportedly received death threats along with his wife as the state conducts a recount of the presidential election, amid pressure from his fellow Republicans to find ways to exclude ballots.

Brad Raffensperger’s wife was sent several threatening text messages after he announced the state would conduct a hand recount of the presidential race, as President Donald Trump and some Georgia Republicans promoted unfounded claims of voting irregularities and mismanagement.

One message sent to Mr. Raffensperger’s wife read: “Your husband deserves to face a firing squad.”

“You better not botch this recount,” another message read. “Your life depends on it.”

The messages were first shared by Fox 5 Atlanta, with senior reporter Dale Russell writing in a tweet that the Republican secretary of state “fears it was sent by someone in his own [GOP] party.”

In screenshots the reporter posted online, the messages appeared to have been sent in the days following the election to the secretary of state’s wife via multiple email addresses, including “” and “”

A third message sent to the Republican official’s wife said: “The Raffenspergers should be put on trial for treason and face execution.”

State officials have moved forward with the recount regardless of threats and pressure from Republicans to toss out ballots, as Mr. Raffensperger said the recount was effectively tracking with the initial vote count Georgia conducted beginning on Election Day.

“What’s really troubling about it is when threats actually came into my wife’s, you know, cell phone,” the secretary of state told the local news outlet. “That is what is really offensive.”

I really feel for these people, especially this poor man’s wife. 

All he is trying to do is his job, and people are threatening him and his loved ones for it. 

I certainly hope that these threats came from a member of the Republican party because I would hate to think that members of my party would conduct themselves in such a manner. 

But if Democrats are responsible for any of these threats I would like to see them prosecuted and punished for it. 

Getting worked up about all this is understandable, threatening people over it is not.