Courtesy of AJC:

U.S. Sen. Kelly Loeffler hasn’t directly attacked her GOP rival yet in the November race for her seat. But she found a different target with her latest TV ad in U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders.

The 30-second spot released Tuesday features Loeffler in front of an American flag backdrop as she takes a swipe at the Democratic presidential front-runner.

“I’m Kelly Loeffler and I approve this message because I believe in America, that Bernie Sanders’ radical ideas are dangerous and that socialism risks everything that makes us great,” she said.

As she speaks, a new slogan appears under her name: “Stop Bernie Sanders’ Socialism.”

I actually think this is going to be an official strategy of the Republican party if Sanders wins the nomination. 

They will ignore the local challenger and train all of their fire on the Democratic party, socialism, and Bernie Sanders. 

However to be fair the Republicans did the same thing a few years ago only using Nancy Pelosi and it had limited success. 

I tried to explain to my daughter what a huge albatross socialism is around Bernie’s neck in a general election, but she could not even begin to see my point. 

For her and the other Millenials, socialism is far superior to capitalism, which they believe has failed, and the Boomers just need to get over it. 

I reminded her that Baby Boomers actually show up to vote, while her peers are too easily distracted by the new weed shop in the area or Instagramming their lunch to be a reliable voting block. 

Oddly that did not go over well. 

I actually hope she is right. 

I would much rather eat crow then have to deal with Donald Trump for another four years.