Sure, why go through all of that trouble just to protect children, right?

Courtesy of AJC:

Gov. Brian Kemp on Monday ruled out ordering public school systems to impose mask mandates for returning students and teachers, echoing his opposition to statewide requirements to wear face coverings to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

Kemp, speaking at the opening of a testing site at Hartsfield-Jackson airport, said he was confident that local superintendents can make their own decisions about whether masks are necessary in their districts as he continued to encourage but not require their use.

“We’ve given the responsibility to the schools, to the local superintendents,” Kemp said. “Like most things in education, I’m a firm believer that the local governments know their schools better than the state government does.”

Holy shit!

Are they just going to sacrifice all of these children to the gods of political expedience? 

Keep in mind that currently, Georgia is experiencing over 2,000 new cases per day.