Did you see that face when the caller started hitting her with the facts?

That is the face of somebody who has denied this reality for so long that they are surprised it still exists outside their bubble. 

Courtesy of Second Nexus:

Judge Jeanine Pirro’s racist rhetoric caught up to her in a recent Washington Journal appearance on C-SPAN when a man from Texas—who at first appeared to be a supporter of President —ended up taking her, Trump, and the Republican party to task for their anti-immigrant rhetoric and their utter hostility toward Latinx people in general.

The man—who did not give his name—skewered Pirro for her “anti-people with brown skin” rhetoric. Pirro only grimaced as he told her that stances like hers motivated the racist who murdered 22 people in El Paso last month to stop the “Hispanic invasion of Texas.”

“Our president and our beautiful first lady, they went down to El Paso, Texas,” the man said, “And they posed with a baby that the president’s rhetoric, Fox News’ rhetoric, your rhetoric had helped to orphan.”

Things went downhill from there:

“[Those killed in El Paso] weren’t Mexicans; those were the Americans. That guy that went down to El Paso to shoot a bunch of Mexicans, he shot a bunch of Americans. And I’m really tired of this anti-immigrant, anti-people-with-brown-skin rhetoric that’s coming out of Fox News, coming out of people like you, and coming out of our president. It’s demeaning, it’s beneath the office, it’s beneath you. You used to be a judge — you know better. It’s time that that stopped.”

The video does not show this, but of course, Pirro had an angry response to that caller.

“Look, you know what, I refuse to accept your recitation of the facts. You are dead wrong. The problem in this country is not the color of anyone, and don’t you dare accuse me of any kind of issue related to color.”

Yeah don’t you dare accuse me of doing what I am obviously doing every night on cable TV. 

Jeanine Pirro is one of the most hateful people on Fox News right now, and her rhetoric, much like Trump’s, is doing damage to this country every night that she is allowed to speak. 

I have said it before but it bears repeating, Fox News is a terrorist organization dedicated to fomenting racism, Islamophobia, and anti-immigrant hatred in this counry which has resulted in a number of violent acts.