Of course he had to say this anonymously because you are not allowed to tell the truth on Fox News. 

Courtesy of TPM:

Several hosts at Fox News and Fox Business have been working hard to help President Donald Trump spin his administration’s failure to properly deal with the COVID-19 pandemic as a conspiracy perpetrated by Trump’s enemies–and at least one network producer apparently is worried about the consequences.

On Friday, CNN anchor Brian Stelter reported that an unnamed Fox producer had privately acknowledged to him earlier this week how damaging the two networks’ excessively-pro Trump coverage of the outbreak is.

“The attempt to deflect and blame the media and Democrats from Trish Regan, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Lou Dobbs, Jesse Watters, and Greg Gutfeld instead of addressing the coronavirus is really irresponsible and hazardous to our viewers,” the producer said, according to Stelter.

One recent example was Fox Business host Trish Regan’s jaw-dropping tirade on Monday in which she ranted about the “chorus of hate” against the Trump administration’s shoddy handling of the coronavirus, claiming that the criticism was “impeachment all over again” by the media and Democrats, who “don’t care who they hurt.”

“It’s also ironic they’re accusing the media of fear-mongering given our infamous coverage of the migrant caravan back in 2018,” the unnamed Fox producer also told Stelter.

I have seen a few minutes of Fox News here and there over the last week or so and they are committing journalistic malpractice on a daily basis. 

They are alwasy doing that of course but right now it could literally cost people their lives. 

Their main focus on every program, no matter what time of the day it airs, is to protect Trump at all cost and to deflect any criticism. 

For instance here is a segment from Sean Hannity where Geraldo Rivera is attacked and accused of using China’s talking points for simply pointing out that Trump’s speech was incoherent. 

Every other news outlet it seems can call Trump out for being deceptive or for giving confusing advice, but for Fox News its ride or die regardless of how bad things get for him. 

If we love them, the best thing that we can encourage our family and friends to do right now is to ignore Donald Trump and to turn off Fox News.