And keep in mind that this is a FOX NEWS poll.

Courtesy of Fox News:

Forty-two percent would vote to re-elect Trump if the election were today. That’s up from 38 percent in May 2019 and the largest share he’s received to-date.

On the other side, a majority of 52 percent would vote for someone else. That puts the president underwater by 10 points, an improvement from a net negative of 16 points in May 2019.

At the extremes: 32 percent would definitely vote for Trump vs. 45 would definitely back someone else.

This IS Fox News so you can see them desperately trying to find the silver lining in these numbers, but there is very little silver to be had. 

Ultimately Trump is in really bad shape, which is why the Russians and Republicans are trying their best to help Democrats select a candidate that he can beat. 

And I think we all know who they have identified to take on that role.