Trump meltdown in 3..2..wait, it already happened?

Courtesy of Fox News

Democrat Joe Biden is ahead in three key states that President Donald Trump won in 2016, according to new Fox News statewide surveys of Arizona, North Carolina, and Wisconsin.

Support for reelecting Trump falls below his 2016 vote share in each state. At the same time, there’s room for improvement, as more voters approve of his job performance than back his reelection.

Biden’s advantage comes from strong support among women and suburban voters. Moreover, suburban women in all three states trust Biden over Trump to handle coronavirus and policing/criminal justice.

Let’s look at this state by state.


Trump won Arizona with 48.7 percent in 2016, topping Hillary Clinton by three and a half percentage points. Currently, a 56 percent majority disapproves of the job he’s doing as president (43 percent approve).

Biden’s lead comes from significant support among seniors, women, and Hispanics. He’s up by 46 points among Hispanics, 16 points among women, and 12 points among voters ages 65+.

In addition, Biden is ahead among suburban women (+15) and suburban voters overall (+7).

North Carolina:

In North Carolina, Biden holds a narrow 4-point margin among likely voters (within error margin). He receives 50 percent to Trump’s 46 percent, while 1 percent go for Jorgensen and 2 percent are undecided.

Here’s why the race is tight. Whites back Trump by 23 points, while Blacks support Biden by 83 points. Men go for Trump by a 2-point margin, while women prefer Biden by 10. And rural voters pick Trump by 14 points, while suburban areas go for Biden by 19 (among suburban women that grows to a 31-point lead).


Biden tops Trump by 8 points among Wisconsin likely voters, 50-42 percent. That’s just outside the survey’s margin of sampling error. Two percent back Jorgensen and 5 percent are undecided.

Women make all the difference in the Badger State. They favor Biden by 17 points, while men are about evenly divided (Trump +1). Plus, more Democrats (95 percent) support Biden than Republicans (86 percent) back Trump.

The president is ahead among rural voters (+4) and Whites without a college degree (+5).

Biden benefits from more voters trusting him on coronavirus and policing/criminal justice. He is preferred over Trump on the virus by a wide 17-point margin and by 5 points on policing and criminal justice. Voters rate both equally on the economy and pick Trump by only 1 point on dealing with China.

As I said Trump has already had a mini-meltdown over this.

It appears that Trump is losing his influence over Fox News.

They seem less willing to cover for his bullshit lies the way they have in the past.