Isn’t that interesting?

Courtesy of Fox News

Former Vice President Joe Biden bests President Donald Trump by nine points in a 2020 ballot test, in the first Fox News Poll since Biden became the de facto Democratic nominee.

In a head-to-head presidential matchup, Biden is up by 49-40 percent over Trump, a lead that is outside the poll’s margin of sampling error. Another 11 percent would vote for someone else or are undecided. Last month, Biden was ahead by 49-41 percent.

The race remains a nine-point advantage for Biden over Trump when looking only at those voters extremely interested in the election (52-43 percent) and the former vice president has an eight-point edge in battleground states (48-40 percent).

However, Biden’s advantage grows to 25 points, 57-32 percent, in close counties (where Hillary Clinton and Trump were within 10 points in 2016).

Those last ones are the swing states mentioned in the headline, and when all is said and done those are the states that ultimately decide who wins the election, because other states are already locked in as always supporting the Republican or Democratic candidate.

Fox also poll tested Biden choosing a female running mate:

Vetting of possible Democratic vice presidential candidates will reportedly start soon. The poll asks about the three female senators who also ran for the party’s nomination — Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar, and Elizabeth Warren.

A Biden-Warren ticket bests Trump-Pence by 10 points and is the only ticket tested that puts the Democrats over the 50 percent threshold, 52-42 percent.

The Trump-Pence ticket also trails both Biden-Klobuchar and Biden-Harris tickets by 8 points (both 50-42 percent). The Democratic edge in all three matchups is outside the poll’s margin of sampling error.

I find it interesting, though not surprising, that only Warren improves Biden’s chances of winning. 

As you might imagine Trump still beats Biden among conservatives, evangelicals, white men, and white voters with no college education. 

Of course that basket of deplorables will not be nearly enough to help Trump win reelection. 

And if we manage to adopt the mail in ballot system before November that will only bring in more votes and ensure that Trump is crushed.