Even Fox is beginning to understand what is at stake. 

Courtesy of Fox News:

Less than a week before Election Day, the electorate’s outlook is gloomy. More than 6-in-10 rate economic conditions negatively and only about 2-in-10 think coronavirus is under control in the U.S., according to the latest Fox News national survey of likely voters.

In fact, just over half, 51 percent, say it is “not at all” under control — up from 40 percent in early September.

When asked what should be the federal government’s top priority, voters are 25 points more likely to rank limiting the spread of coronavirus over restarting the economy (61-36 percent).

Who do voters trust to handle these competing issues? President Trump is preferred on the economy by just 1 point, while more trust Democratic candidate Joe Biden on coronavirus by 16 points.

Biden’s current advantage on coronavirus is double the 8-point edge he held last month. At the same time, Trump’s edge on the economy declined by 4 points.

“The pandemic has complicated the president’s plan to run for re-election on the economy,” says Republican pollster Daron Shaw, who conducts the Fox News survey with Democrat Chris Anderson. “COVID-19 is the dominant issue for voters and they think Biden would do a better job.”

It is inarguable at this point that there will be no significant economic recovery until this virus is under control, and Donald Trump has never had any real idea of how to do that. 

We are very likely headed for at least a partial lockdown and only Joe Biden has the intelligence and leadership skills to make that happen.

Once we get a handle on the virus then we can work on saving our economy, and the team that Joe Biden is assembling will handle that better than any ragtag team of asskissers that Trump might assemble. 

So if you want to save us all you need to get out and vote tomorrow, unless of course you already have, and let nothing stand in your way.