Courtesy of The Daily Dot:

The moment was broadcasted by Fox & Friends, the Fox News morning show known to be a favorite of the president. As the boos were heard, Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmeade tried to downplay them, insisting they were not for Ivanka Trump, but instead just for Bolton.

“It’s not for Ivanka—it’s for John Bolton, and he loves it,” Kilmeade said. “He pretty much is looked at as somebody as the tough guy in that administration and he loves that label.”

The video clearly shows that the boos started immediately after the door opened, and Trump emerged from the building before Bolton.

This is the very definition of “gaslighting” which is trying to convince somebody that what they see and hear is not what they are seeing and hearing. 

Since Trump’s election, this technique has been used more often and more aggressively than at any other time in our history. 

And Fox News is one of the most egregious abusers.

Well, after Trump himself that is.