Here are the poll results courtesy of CNN:

The numbers, from a new Gallup poll, are the lowest since the polling organization began gauging patriotic fervor this way in 2001.

The numbers have been falling for much of the 21st century, and are down even from last year. In 2018, 47% felt “extremely proud,” while this year 45% are saying the same thing.

But just 32% feel pride in the American political system, according to the Gallup poll.

My first response to that tweet from Fox and Friends is “Have you watched your show?”

The entire program is either suggesting that immigrants are coming to take out jobs or murder us in our sleep and that the Democrats are traitors running a “deep state” that is undermining democracy. 

Add to that the fact people are losing the healthcare that the Obama Administration worked so hard to provide, we seem to be ramping up to start yet another war in the Middle East, and that our leader is hobnobbing with foreign dictators and murderers, and I think you can easily see how people may have lost a smidgeon of confidence in our country. 

And I did not even mention the tanks taking up positions in Washington DC and the concentration camps at our border.