I wonder how many will test positive after attending Trump’s speech last night?

Courtesy of The Daily Beast:

Who could possibly have foreseen that holding a large indoor event during a raging pandemic could result in this? Public-health officials in North Carolina have confirmed that four attendees at the Republican National Convention this week have tested positive for the novel coronavirus. Although large parts of the convention took place virtually or elsewhere, 336 Republican delegates still flocked to a convention center in Charlotte to complete the formal paperwork to nominate President Donald Trump as the party’s 2020 candidate. Trump also made a surprise appearance at the event on Monday. But Mecklenberg County confirmed the inevitable on Friday morning, writing: “Two attendees and two event support people tested positive for COVID-19 at the Republican National Convention. All were immediately isolated.” The county said approximately 792 COVID-19 tests were carried out among convention-goers.

If this keeps up the Democrats will take over the country through attrition as the Republican party slowly dies off due to exposure to Covid-19. 

Of course, I would rather succeed because people got smarter and started to understood just how toxic the Republican party has become. 

But I mean whatever works, right?