Say what?

Courtesy of The Independent

A former White House ethics director has claimed Donald Trump is “laying the groundwork” to interfere with the November election results after the president went on a Twitter rampage against California’s voting process.

Walter Shaub was the director of the United States Office of Government Ethics in both the Obama and Trump administrations, but has lately been outspoken against Mr. Trump and how he treats the presidency.

Mr. Shaub said the president was preparing to ignore the upcoming presidential election results after a tweet storm on Saturday.

“So in California, the Democrats, who fought like crazy to get all mail-in only ballots, and succeeded, have just opened a voting booth in the most Democrat area in the State,” Mr. Trump tweeted. “They are trying to steal another election. It’s all rigged out there. These votes must not count. SCAM!”

Mr. Shaub responded to the tweet, writing: “… and right on cue, here he is laying the groundwork for a refusal to leave office.”

Previous tweets from the former ethics director showed other examples that he believed proved Mr. Trump was working to discredit the upcoming election in case he lost, including consistently tweeting about the “rigged” system.

You know I have been pooh-poohing this for months now, but something about Trump’s most recent tweets and the fact that Bill Barr just made the DOJ drop the criminal case against Michael Flynn that suddenly makes this seem all too possible. 

I don’t think that Trump can totally defy the results of the 2020 vote, but he certainly could insist that his DOJ investigates it and refuse to leave the White House until that investigation is complete, and I absolutely see him doing something like that.

If Trump is able to drive home the idea that mail-in ballots are. by definition, rife with fraud I can even see the Republicans in Washington backing him up, just to retain power for a few weeks longer. 

Shit, we are literally living in the middle of a Constitutional crisis.