And guess what, he was right.

Courtesy of the Washington Examiner

John Kelly warned President Trump that hiring a “yes man” to succeed him as White House chief of staff would lead to impeachment and, in hindsight, regrets his decision to resign.

House Democrats launched an impeachment inquiry into Trump less than a year after Kelly departed the administration. The retired, four-star Marine general suggested the blame lies squarely with acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney and other advisers who are unable, or unwilling, to keep the president out of trouble.

Kelly, 69, said he privately cautioned Trump during his final days on the job that he would be impeached if he did not tap a chief of staff with the fortitude to check the president’s bad impulses. Kelly said he does not believe the president would be in this predicament had he stayed.

“I said, whatever you do — and we were still in the process of trying to find someone to take my place — I said whatever you do, don’t hire a ‘yes man,’ someone who won’t tell you the truth — don’t do that. Because if you do, I believe you will be impeached,” Kelly recalled in an interview at the Sea Island Summit, a political conference hosted by the Washington Examiner.

“That was almost 11 months ago, and I have an awful lot of, to say the least, second thoughts about leaving,” Kelly said. “It pains me to see what’s going on because I believe if I was still there or someone like me was there, he would not be kind of, all over the place.”

This essentially reinforces the narrative that Trump has been either committing impeachable offenses, or trying to commit impeachable offenses, since he first took office and has only lasted this long because staff members redirected him or covered for him. 

The man has been unfit for office since day one, and history will have to determine if folks like John Kelly provided the country with a service by protecting him from his worst instincts or hurt the country by keeping him in office longer and allowing him to eventually inflict even more egregious damage.

I am leaning more toward the latter. 

P.S. Here is how the White House Press Secretary responded to comments by Kelly.

Oh yeah, he couldn’t handle Trump’s “genius” that’s the ticket.