Former Trump aide writes book about chaotic White House and shaming of Paul Ryan.

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All of this sounds very familiar.

Courtesy of WaPo:

President Trump watched on television, increasingly angry as House Speaker Paul D. Ryan criticized his handling of the deadly white supremacist rally in Charlottesville. He held the remote control “like a pistol” and yelled for an assistant to get the Republican leader on the phone.

“Paul, do you know why Democrats have been kicking your a– for decades? Because they know a little word called ‘loyalty,’ ” Trump told Ryan, then a Wisconsin congressman. “Why do you think Nancy [Pelosi] has held on this long? Have you seen her? She’s a disaster. Every time she opens her mouth another Republican gets elected. But they stick with her . . . Why can’t you be loyal to your president, Paul?”

The tormenting continued. Trump recalled Ryan distancing himself from Trump in October 2016, in the days after the “Access Hollywood” video in which he bragged of fondling women first surfaced in The Washington Post.

“I remember being in Wisconsin and your own people were booing you,” Trump told him, according to former West Wing communications aide Cliff Sims. “You were out there dying like a dog, Paul. Like a dog! And what’d I do? I saved your a–.”

The book also depicts Trump as an out of control dictator deeply suspicious of his own people. 

“It’s impossible to deny how absolutely out of control the White House staff — again, myself included — was at times,” Sims writes. The book’s scenes are consistent with news reporting at the time from inside the White House.

Sims depicts Trump as deeply suspicious of his own staff. He recalls a private huddle in which he and Keith Schiller, the president’s longtime bodyguard and confidant, helped Trump draw up an enemies list with a Sharpie on White House stationery. “We’re going to get rid of all the snakes, even the bottom-feeders,” Trump told them.

Sims also includes this amazing quote from then White House chief of staff, John Kelly:

Sims recounts that Kelly once confided to him in a moment of exasperation: “This is the worst [expletive] job I’ve ever had. People apparently think that I care when they write that I might be fired. If that ever happened, it would be the best day I’ve had since I walked into this place.”

Sometimes Trump simply seemed to ahve little interest in the day to day responsibilities of being the president:

At times, Trump evinced less rage than a lack of interest. Sims recounts one time when Ryan was in the Oval Office explaining the ins and outs of the Republican health-care bill to the president. As Ryan droned on for 15 minutes, Trump sipped on a glass of Diet Coke, peered out at the Rose Garden, stared aimlessly at the walls and, finally, walked out.

Ryan kept talking as the president wandered down the hall to his private dining room, where he flicked on his giant flat-screen TV. Apparently, he had had enough of Ryan’s talk. It fell to Vice President Pence to retrieve Trump and convince him to return to the Oval Office so they could continue their strategy session.

This sounds very much like what Michael Wolff and Omarosa both wrote about Trump and his White House. 

Of course, the difference here is that Cliff Sims is a true believer and a continued supporter of Trump and his presidency. 

In my opinion, the only thing that this book reveals that is new is what a coward Paul Ryan is and how incapable he was at doing his job. 

It must gall him to watch how effortlessly Nancy Pelosi outmaneuvers Trump, and how she does so while maintaining her dignity. 

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  1. anon January 22, 2019 at 12:20 pm

    “There’s no secret about how chaotic this is, and increasingly, there is no secret about how corrupt it is,” he told MSNBC. “And it’s obviously not just corrupt on a question of criminality; it’s corrupt in terms of keeping faith with American principles, keeping faith with the direction of the country, the way we need to go and the way we need to govern ourselves.”

  2. Paul January 22, 2019 at 4:19 pm

    Due to his political stances and his obvious dishonesty and incompetence, I’ve never liked Paul Ryan. Now, I wonder how he feels since he has been exposed (again) as Donnie Dotard’s bitch. I wonder what he’s thinking as he walks into a room to give a speech. Does he know that almost everyone in that room has probably shared a joke or a derogatory comment about him?

  3. anon January 22, 2019 at 8:23 pm

    Has he started hormone therapy in preparation for his gender transition?

  4. puck January 23, 2019 at 1:28 am

    may he fall face first in the biggest cow flop in the state. and stay there. if i ever get a chance to kick him in the ass i will. our beautiful state. the small dairy farmers. he and walker ruined it all.

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