Nothing sounds good about that.

Courtesy of Salon:

Emily Miller, a gun-rights advocate and former senior correspondent for the right-wing One America News Network (OANN), has been appointed as assistant commissioner for media relations at the embattled Food and Drug Administration, Miller confirmed in a tweet.

It’s unclear what Miller’s qualifications for the FDA post are. In her career at OANN, she was accused of fabricating quotes from Hillary Clinton and peddling conspiracy theories alleging that the Obama administration used “smart gun” technology, which permits only authorized users to access a firearm, as a way to “track law-abiding citizens.”

Miller has tweeted frequently about the coronavirus pandemic over the last few months, but her understanding of basic underlying science and health issues appears limited.

Of course, OAN has rapidly become Trump’s new favorite “news” outlet after Fox News dared to actually do journalism about him and after a couple of Fox News polls showed him getting shellacked by Joe Biden. 

There is no expectation of a factual response from a former OAN “reporter, so this is essentially a sign that the FDA will no longer be providing accurate information to the American people.

This follows recent revelations that the Trump Administration has taken steps to undermine the FDA’s ability to regulate Coronavirus testing. 

Courtesy of WaPo:

The Trump administration this week blocked the Food and Drug Administration from regulating a broad swath of laboratory tests, including for the coronavirus, in a move strongly opposed by the agency.

The new policy stunned many health experts and laboratories because of its timing, several months into a pandemic. Some public health experts warned the shift could result in unreliable coronavirus tests on the market, potentially worsening the testing crisis that has dogged the United States if more people get erroneous results. They argued the change is unlikely to solve current testing problems, which at this point are largely due to shortages of supplies such as swabs and chemical reagents.

It seems fairly obvious to me that the Trump Administration is trying to ender the FDA impotent just like they recently did with the CDC. 

All of this places the American people in jeopardy. 

But clearly that is of no concern to Trump and his acolytes.